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Canada Visa Requirements

The right way to acquire ETA visa Canada

It’s a whole new prerequisite for people from other countries who are not citizens of Canada and they do not generally need a visa to be in Canada. This kind of electronic prerequisite is linked to the passport of the individual and is also normally legal for five years or until the time your visa expires.

The citizens apart from those from the America who do not require a visa to be in Canada they must have an ETA before they enter Canada. This process of digital travel authorization was commissioned during 15th March 2016. From that time it’s been effective and widely accepted by many individuals who enter Canada by air.

Prerequisites when submitting an application for ETA

Prior to applying for an ETA to Canada You should have a completely comprehensive schedule containing details like a confirmed ticket and accommodation.
Be in possession of a valid passport(no less than Six months) before you travel ( how to get a Canadian visa ) .

You must not possess any criminal history.
Even though you can make application for Canadian ETA from 6 months to a few hours before you vacation, travel experts advised you at least fill out an application beforehand( just like 30 days before). This will allow you to confirm all the requirement before you travel, since when you apply in hurry you might forget several things.
You should have adequate funds in your bank-account.
You should have a good health, which you must obtain a report from a licensed medical practitioner.

How to get an ETA Canada

The application procedure for ETA Canada is extremely fast and easy. In some instances, you get ETA within a short period of time and in some cases, it could take a while because of the confirmation of your documents. A few of the steps that you have to fulfill while you are applying for an ETA visa Canada are:

First, you must be able to look online for the Canadian Embassy webpage where you can make application for a Visa to Canada. You’ll have to fill the application form on the web. This application has every detail that are important that you should fill up before getting the ETA Canada. The applicant is needed to fill up these details in relevant details.

After filling all the details be sure that you incorporate all of the records which may be indicated in the form. Make sure to proof read through so you can pinpoint if you’ve got filled up all the details appropriately.

Before you submit you need to be able to pay for the Canadian visa application fee which may be indicated. After payment, you will receive an email in 3 days to confirm your application.
Should you give incorrect information the application for ETA visa will be rejected. In some cases, the Canadian embassy may offer you second chance to correct your information depending on the legality of your case. Wanting to do forgery may make you’re to be jailed, since the Canadian government doesn’t tolorate any person wanting to fake his/her details to have his/her ETA processed. Thus you must be careful as you’re applying your ETA Canada.

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